"Making supply chain logistics as easy as IBC" ®

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A safer, easier to use, more flexible and cost effective trolley. Designed to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and packaging waste for growers, producers and retailers of fast moving packaged goods.

UN-TROLLS are the most efficient system for use by people or fully automated systems using robots.


These trolleys fit the standard ISO modular measurements, they are easy to assemble, take apart and stack to take up less space than alternative products in storage or transportation.

Shelves can be easily inserted, moved up or down and removed from the side of the trolley. They can also be angled for product presentation if this is required.

These trolleys are easy to move around, even in small spaces. The wheels are made of durable 40 mm PUR tread to reduce rolling resistance and noise.



You can specify the TPS UNI-TROLL to suit your requirements.

With or without parking breaks, connectors for ground conveyers, multiple towing or movement by robots. Postal bags for return collection of waste, packaging material, cloth and recycling material. Side and end grid frames.


Half pallet size 800 x 600 mm internal fits 2 ISO crates per shelf.

A fully flexible load carrier, designed to reduce freight and labour costs in the whole supply chain, for easy handling by people and automation systems using robots.


For 3 ISO crates per shelf 1200 x 600 mm internal.

The fully flexible load carrier, designed for fully automated handling, including conveyer systems. Usable in the whole supply chain from producer, though cross docking to the supermarket and as a product presentation unit with shelves that angle if required.


Full pallet size, 4 ISO crates per shelf 1200 x 800 mm internal.

Patented function between the shelves and the posts ensures easy positioning even with automated handling, with or without goods on the shelves.